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Waxing Services

Another way of ensuring that you are confident with your body is by waxing. However, before seeking for any waxing service, it is important that you figure out which type of waxing style best suits the type of hair and skin you have. Some of the most common waxing styles include:

  • Brazilian – this type of waxing style is best suited for people who want to get rid of hair from the top of the bikini area, inside the labia and between the butt cheeks.
  • Bikini – this waxing style is suited for those who want to get rid of the hair on their panty line region.
  • Full-Bush Brazilian – this type of waxing style focuses on the hair in the butt region and the labia.
  • Landing strip – this style covers the areas covered in a Brazilian wax but leaves hair in shapes that one chooses.

There are three commonly known types of wax. The first one is honey wax or sugaring. It is mostly suited for people with sensitive skin. It uses a mixture of honey, sugar and lemon juice or warm water. Since the mixture is made from natural components, the result is a product that is gentle on the skin and can be used when cold. Because the wax doesn’t adhere to the skin, the hair removal process becomes less painful. Another type of wax is the hard wax. This wax is spread on one’s skins and is let to cool off and dry before it removed. It is convenient for people with thick hair around their panty line and underarms. The third is strip wax. It is the most common type of wax. The wax is spread on someone’s skin, and a cloth is used to remove the wax from the skin. It’s the ideal option when it comes to getting rid of hair in large areas like legs and chest.


waxing rancho bernardo san diego caPricing – WAXING

Eye Brows – $14.00

Upper Lip – $9.00

Chin – $10.00

Full Face – $40.00

Under Arms – $15.00

Half Arms – $20.00

Full Arms – $40.00

Tummy $15.00

Bikini – $25.00

Brazilian – $60.00

Lower Legs – $35.00

Upper Legs – $40.00

Full Legs – $55.00


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