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Microdermabrasion with ClearFX

clearfx microdermabrasionRejuvenated, softened, smooth skin without the clog of tradition microdermabrasion. The benefits of using the Clear FX Microdermabrasion system are spectacular. Microdermabrasion can help with oily or dull skin, acne scars, clogged or open pores, and a whole host of other skin care problems, but some systems are complicated, clunky and expensive. The Clear FX Microdermabrasion system is simple and effective for clearing skin.

Clear FX systems produce both crystal and non crystal based care. The machines are quiet and require minimal instruction before a person can begin using it. Maintenance on the machines is simple and ensures that cross contamination will not occur between clients. All machines are also equipped with oxygen to ensure that the process is completed as smoothly as possible.
Skin care is a tricky business, but Clear FX Microdermabrasion machines work on all skin colors, ages, types, and moisture levels, and the whole treatment lasts less than 30 minutes! The Clear FX Microdermabrasion machines have been voted #1 in the nation for 9 years in a row because the benefits to client skin care are apparent and wondrous not only for physical beauty, but for the health of the skin and the confidence of each and every patient who comes to use the Clear FX system. A clear, rejuvenated, line free face is just what the doctor ordered for you to feel like your best self.

Clear FX microdermabrasion will leave you feeling soft, smooth, and rejuvenated every time you come in for a treatment. The system is simply easy to use, and cares for each client’s skin like no other system can. Give your self your best face by putting your best face forward, try Clear FX today.

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